An open letter to the “Human Brain Project”

An older post about a topic to be investigated further.

The Asifoscope

Dear Sir or Madam.

In an Article on the “Human Brain Project” in “Scientific American”, June 2012, pages 34 to 39, Henry Markram describes your  project of simulating a whole human brain in a computer system, down to the molecular level. He argues that technical advances over the next decades might make this feasible. I think that such a project raises some philosophical, especially ethical, problems. Since you are obviously planning to address such issues within the project (, I decided to share my concerns with you.

The prospect of the possibility of the simulation of a whole human brain, as described in Henry Markram’s Article, raises the question if such a simulated brain would become conscious. I suppose it would, and the consciousness arising in it would subjectively be indistinguishable from that of a normal human being.

Consider the possibility that this is true. If the simulated…

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