Can there be a Science of Art?

The Asifoscope

File:Collapsed Platonic Solids.jpg

My answer to this question is yes and no. And yes again, but with a twist.

The normal scientific approach would be to look for a biological basis for art. We are all humans, aren’t we? We have essentially the same biological basis, so there should be a genetic basis to art, an art instinct or something like that that can be scientifically explored. Or not?

Scientific methods might be applicable to some aspects of art. For example, a lot of art, although not all, has something to do with beauty. I think that the emotion of beauty has a biological basis. I have a hypothesis about what it is. I have explained this hypothesis in my article On Beauty and some other articles. The phenomenon of beauty does not only apply to art alone (and there is art that does not depend on beauty) and investigating it would be…

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