Translation of an Article by Gottlob Frege

File:Young frege.jpg

I have published an article by German philosopher, mathematician and logican Gottlob Frege, and also an English translation of it. The English translation was prepared in a joint effort together with Tina Forsee. It replaces an earlier translation that I had published earlier this year. Several mistakes of the previous translation have been removed and the style has been improved.

You can read the German text here:

You can read the English translation here:

Some time ago, I published some thoughts about this text. You can read them here (I have slightly updated that article):

(The picture is from



  1. In its current form, the translation must be considered a raw translation. Tina Forsee (see is currently helping me to transform this into a genuine English text. This might take some time, but it is a very nice cooperation and I hope we are going to arrive at a good result after some time :-). We will share the copyright of the resulting text.

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    The translation of an article by Gottlob Frege that I had published earlier this year has been replaced by a new and greatly improved version. The new version is the result of a joint effort with Tina Forsee.

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