Thoughts in a Museum

An attempt to show that some of the concepts being developed on this blog can be applied to real world questions (if you count art as part of the “real world”).

The Asifoscope

File:August Macke 016.jpg

Visiting a newly opened collection of modern art in Hannover’s the recently extended Sprengel Museum, it seemed to me that the history of 20th century art can be described as a series, or rather, a network of reflective steps of thinking or perceiving.

Any knowledge we are using, either to interpret what we perceive, to think or to do something, defines a closed “space”. We can leave that space and take a vantage point outside that bit of knowledge. From this meta-level or point of reflection, we can critically think about that piece of knowledge and make changes to it. This operation of creating an external reference on existing knowledge is at the heart of creativity. It is at the heart of philosophy and also, it seems to me, at the heart of modern art.

At a given time, an artist is using a certain…

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