Kurt Ammon: Informal Physical Reasoning Processes.

Kurt Ammon has just published a new paper “Informal Physical Reasoning Processes”. You can find it on http://arxiv.org/abs/1608.04672. The pdf-version of the paper can be found here: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1608.04672v1.pdf.

This is just a preliminary announcement. I am intending to write about this paper and its philosophical implications in more detail in future articles on this blog.

The new web site of Kurt Ammon, with a possibility to contact him, can be found here: http://csyst.org.

A preliminary bibliography of Kurt Ammon’s previous writings can be found here: https://creativisticphilosophy.wordpress.com/bibliography/.




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  1. […] Since the new knowledge can actually be constructed from the old formal system (by means of a productive function), there is a process that brings us from one formal description of a cognitive system (think of the “brain” of a robot, for example) to another one. We can always extend the formal system. Could we build this mechanism into the program? Well, this is of course possible and will yield another program K’ that will produce additional programs kx that the original program K could not produce. But this program, no matter how we build it, would also be incomplete. We can apply the same operation to it as before and generate a program it could not produce. If we apply the productive function from the outside, we can apply it to the formal system as a whole. If we build it into the system, the productive system will no longer see the formal system in its totality, i.e. the formal system cannot contain a complete reference onto itself (see Shifting the Vantage Point and Kurt Ammon: Informal Physical Reasoning Processes). […]

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