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Dividing the Stream of Perceptions

Roughly speaking, we might think of the process of our perception as dividing our perceptions into several parts or “fractions”. Since the processing capacity of our brain is limited, some part of the information is overlooked or ignored because of information overload. Our perception applies knowledge to the perceptive stream. As a result, part of […]

Some Remarks on Heisenberg

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
In 1969 Werner Heisenberg published an autobiographical book called “Der Teil und das Ganze”[1], a title meaning „The parts and the whole“. The book is partially an autobiography, partially a collection of philosophical dialogs in the tradition of Plato, based on conversations Heisenberg had with several other people, like, for…

Can there be a Science of Art?

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My answer to this question is yes and no. And yes again, but with a twist. The normal scientific approach would be to look for a biological basis for art. We are all humans, aren’t we? We have essentially the same biological basis, so there should be a genetic basis…

On Beauty

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Beauty is at the border between boredom and confusion. Think of hearing music. If the music is very simple, like just one or two notes repeating in a fixed pattern, it is boring. If it is extremely complex, you get confused and it is perceived as noise. In the middle…

From Monochrome to Noise – Aesthetics, Information Theory, and Creativity

Think of a monochrome picture, let’s say a white one. It can be completely described with a very small amount of information. You may say: 512 x 512 pixels of white (or any other color that can be described with a few numbers of any color coding system). That you can describe such a picture with a few words […]