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This article started as a comment to (by Steven Umbrello and Tina Forsee) that grew so long that it could not be posted there, so instead I decided to put it here as an article on my own blog and just comment that article by putting a link. This article, therefore, should be read in the […]

Being and Time

While algorithms are characterized by finite amounts of information, creative systems develop over time, incorporating new information. An algorithm always stays the same, but having a memory means that a creative system grows bit by bit. Although the calculations going on in a system described by an algorithm are processes in time, such a system […]

An open letter to the “Human Brain Project”

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
Dear Sir or Madam. In an Article on the “Human Brain Project” in “Scientific American”, June 2012, pages 34 to 39, Henry Markram describes your  project of simulating a whole human brain in a computer system, down to the molecular level. He argues that technical advances over the next decades…