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Kurt Ammon: Informal Physical Reasoning Processes.

Kurt Ammon has just published a new paper “Informal Physical Reasoning Processes”. You can find it on The pdf-version of the paper can be found here: This is just a preliminary announcement. I am intending to write about this paper and its philosophical implications in more detail in future articles on this blog. The new […]

Evolution as an Informal Process

Biological evolution is an example of an informal process of development, showing that such processes are  actually possible in the physical world. There is certainly no single formal theory that describes how all the different genes and organisms it generated came into being. In an organism, there are some processes that are under the control […]

Basic Concepts 9 – Productive Sets and Productive Functions

In a previous article, I have sketched a proof that shows that the set of computable total functions (as well as the sets of programs calculating them, and of the Gödel numbers of such programs) is not enumerable. I want to look into this matter in more detail here. All of these sets are not enumerable, […]

Formal Systems and Creative Systems

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
Each formal system, be it an algorithm, a formal theory made up of axioms and rules of inference, a formal grammar describing a set of strings of characters, or whatever kind of formalism, is a finite length text, so it contains only a finite amount of information. So even if…

Gaps and Extensions

We apply knowledge to interpret our perceptions, to develop our thoughts and to plan and execute actions. These activities can be viewed as processes of information processing. The application of knowledge can therefore be viewed as the execution of small programs. Each chunk of knowledge can be viewed as a program[1]. Any knowledge has a […]

The Infant’s Mind and Intelligence

Originally posted on Creative Systems:
Turing [1] discusses the development of intelligence in man and in machines: If the untrained infant’s mind is to become an intelligent one, it must acquire both discipline and initiative. So far we have been considering only discipline. To convert a brain or machine into a universal machine is the…

Reflexivity and Creativity

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
The human mind is reflexive and creative. This means that we can (to an extent) look at our own cognitive processes and change them. Reflexivity means we can form descriptions of ourselves and our thinking; creativity means that we can change ourselves and our thinking processes by changing those description…